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Kiev, the most populous Ukrainian city and a Hero City, is also the state capital. Its population is about to reach three million people (7th place in Europe). It is the Ukrainian economical, cultural and political centre. Established in 482 by a prince of a tribe of Slavs Kiy together with his brothers Schech and Khoriv, as well as Lybid, their sister, the city of Kiev has a very rich and glorious history. Tle legend tells that the location for the city was chosen thanks to the beauty of nature in this region. Situated on the most significant medieval transcontinental trade route in Eastern Europe that was the only connection of the Ancient Russia with Scandinavia and the Byzantine Empire, Kiev prospered to become a capital city of ancient Russia, giving it a common name "Kievan Rus". Thus, Kiev is considered to be the "mother of all Russian cities" by chroniclers.

The culture and architecture what to see in kiev is highly influenced by the past. One can find plenty of museums and theatres, memorials and churches, authentic Slavic buildings and monumental constructions of the Soviet period. Moreover, the city has one of the biggest planetariums in the world. Besides that the big city provides you a lot of entertainment, such as bowling, poker, pubs and an amazing night show. Your Kiev tour will be customized according to your preferences so you will the attractions of the city, that are interesting and suitable for you. Personal approach offered to each customer combined with affordable prices is the pride of the enterprise.

What is more, Stayinkiev provides you a one-day or two-day tour to Chernobyl. The nuclear catastrophe near this city was a great historical moment that shocked the world and its location is now a famous attraction for tourists. You will be able to see the nuclear plant from a distance of only 100 meters, as well as the abandoned town of Pripyat with a secret military base. The enterprise also has tank driving and shooting tours, where you can get your portion of adrenaline while driving real Russian war machines, and train your aim with legendary weapons, such as Kalashnikov, Dragunov and Mosberg.

More information on what to see in Kiev tours on our website Videos and blog with exhausting and interesting articles is included. If you have any questions about our services do not hesitate to contact the company by phone number +38 044 209 78 57 or by email [email protected] The site is recommended by TripAdvisor.

We hope you like the city of Kiev and the services of the enterprise. Bon voyage!

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