Trump was right ... An immigrant killed my child ... We need this wall

Trump was right ... An immigrant killed my child ... We need this wall
"Donald Trump urged us to pay attention to illegal immigration and build a wall on the border with Mexico. I never agreed with him until my daughter died. It happened last fall, on Thanksgiving Day. This wonderful and bright holiday forever changed the life of my family," Mandy's father told USA TODAY, report replyua.net.

On Nov.22, an illegal immigrant violated all traffic rules and knocked down Mandy, a 28-year-old teacher at Eastwood Heights Elementary School. Surveillance cameras recorded 3 violations of road rules. Witnesses claimed that the woman wanted to cross the road, but the car did not stop.

“This man has forever changed the life of my family. He just killed our daughter and didn’t even stop to provide the necessary help. The President was right, we need this wall to protect our children,” said Mandy's father.

After the arrest, Joel Velazquez the driver-loser said that he did not commit a crime, since his car was stolen. A few days later, the man pleaded guilty and told that he drove the car drunk. Doctors and police arrived at the scene immediately, but multiple fractures of the legs, ribs and skull trauma did not give Mandy any chance to survive. The girl was declared dead.

“After the incident, we got to know that this driver was not only drunk, but also was in the USA illegally. It’s hard for us to live with this pain knowing that our beloved daughter could be alive, if we built a wall on the border,” said the father.

The driver of the vehicle was arrested immediately. Later, he was accused of manslaughter as a result of an accident, fraud, forging documents and driving a car while intoxicated.

“I never took part in the political sphere, but the death of my daughter made me go to extreme measures. Illegal immigrants come to our homes and threaten our families. For this reason, I support Donald Trump and ready to participate in all rallies to build a reliable wall and prevent further killings," Mandy's father said.

The U.S. President continues to insist on financing the new wall on the border with Mexico that will not miss the huge caravans of immigrants from Latin America. But not all Americans support the decision of Donald Trump and his administration. Earlier, the President also promised to launch another shutdown.

The parents of the deceased woman also said that they are waiting for decisive action from Congress, arguing that immigrants are a danger.
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