European countries stopped air traffic with Egypt and declare the attack

European countries stopped air traffic with Egypt and declare the attack
On the eve of the UK authorities announced the termination of air links with Egypt until pending the results of the investigation of the crash, which occurred over the Sinai Peninsula. According to the UK, the country can not risk the lives of citizens who are in the resorts of Egypt, so all the tourists are evacuated. To join the UK and other countries, which do not exclude the version of the attack.

At present in the resorts of Egypt are not less than ten thousand tourists from the UK, and all of them will be evacuated within 7-10 days. For this purpose, the authorities allocate civil aviation and tourists is forbidden to fly out of Egypt flights of all airlines. Several European countries and the airlines said yesterday to suspend flights to Sharm el Sheikh. Representatives of the companies and the State noted that the flights will be resumed only after the Russian and Egyptian Commission will provide results of the investigation liner disaster "Kogalymavia." If the version of the attack is confirmed, it is possible that a message with Egypt is completely stopped.

A few hours ago to the United Kingdom joined France. The authorities said they did not intend to risk the life of French tourists and citizens who are currently in Egypt. These actions are aimed at ensuring the safety of thousands of civilians. French airline followed a statement the country's authorities have canceled dozens of flights. David Cameron, the British prime minister, according to the most plausible version of the attack, and does not believe that the Russian ship was technically defective. I agreed with him and the American President, who gave an interview and said that the United States can establish an independent commission to investigate the causes of the fall of the A321.

The aviation service of Ukraine banned the air carriers to fly over the Sinai, and the government of Ireland in the next few days plans to cancel flights to Egypt. Baltic carriers until canceled flights to Sharm el Sheikh only at night, but the decision is not yet final, but the Turkish authorities have banned carriers to fly to Sharm El Sheikh in the dark.

The decision to suspend flights to Egypt was made after security officials of Great Britain and the United States made a statement that they were able to intercept messages of members of terrorist groups that are based in the Sinai Peninsula. The exploration claim that militants from the "IG" exchanged messages that on board the Russian ship is an explosive device. Representatives of the British intelligence believed that there was a bomb in the luggage compartment, and terrorists got free access to the luggage compartment Sharm el-Sheikh. It is not excluded version of bribing employees of the airport, and the version that the bomb hit the plane with the luggage of a passenger. However, the UK authorities are still cautious in the conclusions and say that we can not completely rule out the version of the technical malfunction of the Russian plane.

Explanation found flight recorders have not yet produced any results. Both of the "box" had been damaged, and specialists who study them, believe that the testimony of a recorder does not shed light on the causes of the tragedy. Plane crash occurred too quickly, and pilots likely did not even talk to each other. After the tail section of the liner has come off, given the failure of all systems, and hope that the recorders will help determine the cause of the fall, almost gone. Experts said that, according to the "black boxes" the first twenty minutes after takeoff, all the systems are working properly liner.

The pilots managed to gain altitude, and only after that work systems liner instantly stopped. The most plausible version remains explosive depressurization of the cabin, and then tore off the tail and severed the cables that connect the sensors to the recorder. The voice recorder is badly damaged, and, according to investigators, it is impossible to make out the conversation of the crew. Maybe the system is still running when the tragedy occurred, but the pilots did not have time to physically contact with dispatchers and to signal distress. In the case of an emergency, pilots are usually recruited one of the codes - it consists of four numbers and could mean an accident, loss of communication or a terrorist attack, but the A321 crew had no time to collect any of the codes.
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