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Casinos at the racetrack again – is it likely for the gambling business to be officially accepted in Ukraine in 2018

Casinos at the racetrack again – is it likely for the gambling business to be officially accepted in Ukraine in 2018
The idea to bring the gambling sphere in Ukraine back to the track is now officially on the agenda in the government. As you remember, gambling was banned back in 2009, which is no wonder why the todays initiative has been so enthusiastically supported by gambling lobbyists, who are sending their demands to the government to accept the corresponding bill. As the team standing behind casinoglobal.info claims, during the ban of all gambling facilities in Ukraine, Rada has been going through passionate discussions and propositions to regulate gambling industry in the country. The last attempt was initiated by the Cabinet themselves one and a half year ago, however, hasn’t got anywhere ever since. Even the conclusion on the draft, prepared by the Central Scientific Experts Office of The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, recommended to polish up the bill due to several reasons.

Why it has been finally decided to restore gambling industry in Ukraine?
Basically, the legalization of the gambling market was legislated by the memorandum of understanding with IMF. Considering the rising budget shortfalls, it’s safe to say that gambling facilities are very likely to return to Ukraine very soon and probably, the official revival will take place next year. Such projections are based on the commitment made by the Ukrainian government to deliver certain obligations, which are set down in black and white as follows: in order to go from a budget deficit to surplus, the country has to certify gambling. The recommendation of IMF is strongly supported by the owners of luxurious hotels with roomy halls, enough to hold a casino. As for today, such expensive facilities are standing idle. Some of the facilities have preserved all the necessary equipment from the times when casinos are legal.

For example, “Hotel Kharkiv” was once built according to all the UEFA regulations and therefore has special rooms meant to be gambling halls. Theoretically, one could use these rooms for their direct purpose and the government is already discussing this idea. Generally, the initiative was widely supported by officials, who have already calculated, how beneficial the revival of the gambling industry in Ukraine can be. However, the bill will most probably be rewritten based on business representatives’ feedback. According to preliminary calculations, gambling business will bring up to 7 billion hryvnas to the State budget annually. In addition, the policy of decentralization might get active support, which will give more funding to the cities with gambling areas. Needless to say, that the taxes from gambling will be partly spent on the development and promotion of sport and youth programs.

Gamblers’ controls: plans on fighting gambling addiction and gambling habit among kids?
Long before the moratorium on gambling in Ukraine was put, the casino obtained the majority of their revenues from foreigners, whereas prosperous Ukrainians made only one third part of the clients’ base. Today experts suggest limiting access to the gambling facilities for gambling addicted people and underage. So probably, one could enter the casino only with a passport. It’s also suggested to ban pawnshops in gambling facilities, to prevent people from losing all their money and belongings.

Specific distribution of gambling facilities and license fees
Back in the days, the casinos were only allowed in 5-star hotels, however, the relevant amendments include also racetracks and detached buildings. For instance, it’s suggested that huge gambling areas with roulette and video slot halls, dog- and horse-races would be created. The new legislative initiative or the improved previous one will facilitate casinos in 4-star hotels, since many of them cannot obtain the fifth star due to formal reasons. Given the fact that gambling licenses used to raise higher demands and often were often criticized for their cost, the todays list of operators has been sufficiently expanded and therefore the license fee is supposed to decrease. Providing that the process of adopting the gambling bill is very slow, nobody is so far discussing the cost of the certificate and the location of the facilities. Unless the bill passes its first reading, none of the operators (apart from lotteries) will actually pay attention to it. According to experts, the government tends to complicate the distribution restrictions, instead of just using the Georgian gambling experience as a base for their future action. The government of Georgia raised the cost of the licenses but imposed no limitations on the distribution. It’s very unlikely, that the location of the gambling facility will anyhow make it easier or more complicated for juveniles to enter. Therefore, the following criteria will be re-visited.
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