Volkswagen and Tesco Partner Up to Launch a Charging Network for Electric Cars in UK

Volkswagen and Tesco Partner Up to Launch a Charging Network for Electric Cars in UK
Good news for owners of electric vehicles in the United Kingdom: Volkswagen and Tesco announced that they would be joining forces to create a robust infrastructure of electric chargers. A network of 2,400 charging stations is to be built at 600 Tesco locations across the country. The companies will also cooperate with Pod Point, the kingdom’s leading developer of electric charging solutions, to power their network. Chargers will be installed at Superstore and Tesco Extra. Some of those are expected to be free of charge.

Pod Point confirmed on its website that it would be working to provide 7kW and 50kW charging solutions. 7kW chargers are expected to be available for free, although it is not yet clear whether this applies to any electric car, or Volkswagen vehicle only. The pricing for a 50kW charger has not been unveiled yet.

The partnership opens up some lucrative business possibilities for Tesco, although benefits for Volkswagen are much less evident at this point. Owners of electric cars will most likely go shopping in Tesco while waiting for their vehicle to charge. Volkswagen, however, will probably need to introduce some sort of reward to induce potential customers to buy its electric cars and benefit from access to the charging infrastructure across the state.

The United Kingdom has some 13,000 publicly accessible charging stations – approximately five times more compared to 2011. Advancements in this field of technology make charging easier than ever before, but both experts and owners are concerned that there are still more petrol stations than electric ones in the country. In fact, the lack of charging infrastructure is still a major concern for most potential customers barring them from making the purchase.

However, the general trend gives hope to be optimistic. British Petroleum acquired Chargemaster and 6,500 stations together with it. BP itself has about 1,200 stations and plans to invest in a range of fast chargers, which can set the vehicle up for as much as 100 miles in just 10 minutes.

Previously, the UK government has announced that it was going to financially support the growing infrastructure of electric charging stations. It has also said that the goal was to make the UK the most friendly country for emission-free vehicles globally by developing a top-notch infrastructure, report
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