Do you think Mars is empty and dead?

Do you think Mars is empty and dead?
Mars often becomes the plot of fantastic films and stories. According to recent reports, most Americans (about 73%) believe that Mars is empty and completely dead. If this is true, why are leading space companies going to send a group of people there? Yahoo!News believes that the reason is hiding under the soil of the Red Planet. This news was published last year, when a group of scientists discovered a small lake on one side of the planet, report This grand discovery was made with the help of innovative technologies and rays that can penetrate into any place. After that, scientists have suggested that the South Pole of Mars can hide not only the lake, but also life (primitive).

Accordingly, such a formation would need a warm source that was formed about 100-200 thousand years ago.

"We believe that an underground magma chamber would be an excellent heat source that would perform all the necessary functions," said Ali Bramson (Lunar and Planetary Laboratory at the University of Arizona).

But the first version of the theory was different, since the lake is salty. Thus, the water molecules remained liquid due to the high salt concentration, which always lowers the freezing point of water.

"We were forced to conduct a new study, because salt does not play the most important role. We knew that only heat can provide liquid," Bramson added.

Most experts believe that the Red Planet has created an internal furnace. Thus, we can conclude that Mars looks dead, but it is still alive, from a geological point of view. This theory would also confirm the flow of magma and the maintenance of the life of other lakes and reservoirs.

"Some parts of the Red Planet are still alive and active. All the underlying processes are hidden under the Martian soil," Ali Bramson said.

If this theory is confirmed and scientists prove the existence of active processes under the soil of Mars, then they will receive new data and possibly the solution of the Red Planet. Recall that the landing of the InSight on the surface of the Red Giant was one of the most important events of the past year. The landing of the spacecraft was even broadcast online. Now, InSight needs to collect soil samples that will help get new answers. For this, InSight will have to make a hole in the soil and measure the temperature. Experts say that the temperature will be measured in several places.

Scientists are confident that understanding the heat flow on Mars will help explore the early history of the Red Planet and reveal its secrets.
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