Scientists are trying to find a source of global warming in the Antarctic glaciers

Scientists are trying to find a source of global warming in the Antarctic glaciers
Global warming has become a big problem and a major issue in many countries. Scientists, experts and officials are trying to find the cause of this phenomenon and prevent a catastrophe that may happen soon. This time, scientists hope to find the cause of global warming in the Antarctic glaciers that hide many surprises.

According to Yahoo!News, experts are trying to find all the answers about warming and diseases on the edge of the Antarctic, not far from the coast of Chile. Chile's Escudero base and 300+ scientists from around the world conduct regular glacier research. Earlier, representatives of INACH (The Chilean Antarctic Institute) stated that the found 'local' plant has amazing properties. Its molecules can fight cancer of the stomach and liver of mice. Specialists are also continuing to study materials that will help defeat Alzheimer's disease and other dangerous diagnoses. In February, an international team of specialists went on an expedition to confirm the impact of global warming on the ice shelves that continue to collapse. One of the biggest icebergs collapsed in early 2017, when experts were afraid of a rapid increase of sea level.

"Temperature is a complex mechanism that needs attention. Setting the effect of global warming will help solve one of the biggest problems," said New Zealand glaciologist Shelley MacDonell, report

"During this expedition, we will try to analyze and find ice shelves that will be destroyed in the future. This will help prevent a real disaster," MacDonell added.

Scientists hope that this study will help create a special 'map' to track the most dangerous regions for the next 7-10 years.

“We need to explore the Antarctic ecosystem as fast as possible, as it can be a solution to the most important problems,” said Shelley MacDonell.

Sure, the ice blocks collapsed over several centuries. But this process has accelerated in the last 10-15 years and scientists are experiencing that this will lead to a large-scale catastrophe in the future. Over the past 10 years, the loss of ice in Antarctica has increased to 250 million tonnes per year. Experts say that glaciers will continue to collapse, which will lead to an increase in ocean level. All European countries are waiting for the results of this study to get answers to the most important questions. Shelley MacDonell and her team of specialists will have many obstacles during the expedition (strong wind, snow, low temperatures and snowstorms). Specialists hope to find all the answers soon.

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