Some alcoholic beverages may have a dangerous concentration of glyphosate

Some alcoholic beverages may have a dangerous concentration of glyphosate
Alcoholic beverages are very popular today. They help us to relax after a hard day and enjoy great taste. But, some studies claim that these drinks can be very dangerous. According to the USPIRG (U.S. Public Research Group), some products (such as beer, breakfast cereals and wine) contain ingredients of weed killer. In a recent study, the USPIRG analyzed the content of 14 beers, cider and 6 wines. Researchers have tested all popular alcoholic beverages (Miller Lite, Budweiser, Sam Adams, Coors, and others). Traces of harmful substances were found in all the above-mentioned varieties of alcoholic beverages.

“Consuming wine or beer, no one would like to think about harmful pesticides that enter the body. Of course, winemakers and brewers can follow all the necessary technologies, but despite this, every second consumer will drink alcoholic beverages with a concentration of glyphosate and other substances, " Kara Cook-Schultz (USPIRG) said.

The researchers said that some beers/wines had a very high concentration of glyphosate, which is very dangerous for the health of consumers, NY Daily News reports. Experts investigated the properties of glyphosate and came to the conclusion that this substance provokes the appearance of breast cancer. Plus, it gradually destroys the endocrine system. In the meantime, Americans continue to file complaints to the court accusing Bayer (the company that owns Monsanto). Not so long ago, the U.S. media wrote about Edwin Hardeman, who received a terrible diagnosis: non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The man claims that the disease was triggered by a concentration of glyphosate, report

Some alcoholic beverages may have a dangerous concentration of glyphosate

"We only work with reliable and proven suppliers. Recent studies have shown that the level of glyphosate in our products does not exceed acceptable standards," Bayer representatives said.

Manufacturers of beer and wine said that the concentration of glyphosate in their products does not exceed strict standards. So, the Wine Institute said that a person should drink at least 150 glasses of wine a day for glyphosate to cause such effects. If you consume up to 100 glasses a week, then your health is completely safe. In such quantities, glyphosate and other pesticides cannot have a negative effect on your body. However, U.S. Public Research Group is going to conduct additional research.

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