What are the secrets our hearts hide?

What are the secrets our hearts hide?
Perhaps the heart is the most important organ that ensures our livelihoods every day. Thanks to the work of the heart, we can breathe, move and enjoy this wonderful life. Despite the large amount of information about the work of the heart, we do not know all the secrets of this body. We invite you to consider the most amazing facts about the work of the most important body.

1) Heart size. Most experts state that the size of your heart matches the size of your clenched hand. This is true, since this theory has been proven, Yahoo!News reports. It also affects the size of the lungs, for example the left lung is always smaller than the right one. The weight of the hearts varies too. Experts say that the female heart weighs no more than 250 grams. At the same time, the weight of the male heart can be more than 300 grams. Sometimes, a large weight/heart size can trigger various diseases.

2) The size of hearts. Various studies have helped experts to conclude that the size of the heart affects its speed. So, the hummingbird's heart beats more than 1,100 times per minute. Hearts of whales make 7-10 beats per minute. But what is a human's heart rate? Doctors say that a healthy heart makes from 62 to 105 beats per minute. But any deviation from the norm does not always indicate illness. Sometimes, it indicates your good physical condition. For example, different workouts can slow down your heartbeat.

3) The heart is a muscle. This is one of the many muscles in our body. Of course, it needs training and exercises too. Some experts recommend 100-145 minutes of aerobic exercise per week.

4) What will help to improve the work of the heart muscle? Our diet plays a key role in the work of body. As a rule, most professionals and athletes recommend follow different diets that include fruit/vegetables, protein (eggs, meat) and water. Seafood, wholegrain, and olive oil also improve the body's performance. By consuming these products, you can avoid the onset of heart disease.

5) Heart attack. What is it? According to AHA, more than 70% of Americans do not know what it is. Poor nutrition, smoking, excessive drinking and poor sleep lead to clogged arteries and do not allow oxygenated blood to enter your heart. After that, some parts of the heart muscle may die. Of course, the body will try to warn you by sending appropriate signals and symptoms.

If you notice the failure of your heart, then you should consult a doctor and get expert help. A specialist will also help to find the source of this disease, report replyua.net

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