Why do your eyes get pink?

Why do your eyes get pink?
All doctors say that the pink color spreads quickly and contains various threats. The appearance of pink color may be due to different reasons. According to Yahoo!News, experts distinguish three types of conjunctivitis (a disease, when an infection gets into the eye and causes conjunctiva damage). The second type is called "viral", because it can be transmitted to other people and even pets. Experts also identify a third type that is associated with allergies and the environment. Now most readers have one question: How to avoid the effect of pink eyes?

Having received the answer you can avoid this disease and save your eyesight. Next, we consider why our eyes become pink.

"As a rule, different bacteria and viruses damage our eyes causing a pink color. The second type of conjunctivitis can also be caused by various insects that also trigger other diseases," said Shira Kresch from Columbia University Medical Center, report replyua.net

Conjunctivitis is a "cunning" disease that can be transmitted to other people and animals. How does this happen? If you communicate with an 'infected' person or use common objects, then there are 89.9% that the virus will pass on to you. Therefore, experts recommend washing your hands and using your own hygiene products at all times.

"Washing hands and faces is important as this is the main way to prevent conjunctivitis and pink eyes," Kresch said.

Harmful microorganisms can spread even through cosmetics. Experts also recommend using eye lenses/glasses properly and washing them in a special substance that will help avoid the appearance of pink eyes. If your conjunctivitis was provoked by lenses, then discard them and use glasses for 1-2 weeks. After that, you can buy new contacts and use them correctly. After a viral or other kind of pink manholes appear in your home, you must sanitize all items to avoid developing the disease.

Spring-Autumn is the season of allergies. Air, flowers and other plants can cause conjunctivitis. In this case, you should contact a specialist and get qualified help with application of drugs. The doctor will also help you find the source of the allergy. Remember that the appearance of conjunctivitis and its spread can be dangerous, so everyone should consult a doctor.

"Most people think that the pink eye effect has no dangerous consequences. Unfortunately, it has, so you should contact a specialist and fix this problem," said Shira Kresch.

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