How the absence of full sleep provokes Alzheimer's disease

How the absence of full sleep provokes Alzheimer's disease
Probably, each of us had a bad mood, low performance and aggression after poor sleep. After another research, the team found a key detail in the appearance of Alzheimer's disease. So, the appearance of one of the terrible diagnoses can be caused by poor sleep.

According to Yahoo!News, the team conducted a large-scale study with 120 people of different ages. Experts controlled their sleep and emotions for 6 days with the help of special computers that monitored brain waves. The participants in the experiment also had special motion sensors during sleep. Thus, the researchers followed the production of special enzymes that can provoke Alzheimer's disease. According to Yahoo!News, all the results and achievements of this experiment were published in the ‘Science Translational Medicine’ magazine, report

Last year, this group of researchers also tried to discover the causes of tau production (a key element of Alzheimer's disease) in the body of adults. This experiment showed that the element is produced in large portions in the body of a person, who had poor sleep. Tau has increased by almost 50% in the bodies of these people. Experts also received such predictions in an experiment with mice.

"Finally, we found a relationship between sleep and Alzheimer. This big step in research will help find the causes of the onset of the disease and fight it," David Holtzman from the Washington University School of Medicine said.

"According to research, we can conclude that you should sleep enough. If you do not have sleep, then Alzheimer's disease will appear soon," Holtzman added.

Michael J.Breus (author of popular books) drew attention to the relationship between this diagnosis and sleep. So, the expert said that these are complex relationships that have many nuances. Not reaching the 3rd stage of sleep, harmful proteins begin to surround the human brain. After that, they begin to "destroy" the nerve endings and the work of the body as a whole. Thus, Alzheimer's disease begins to develop.

"This is the first time we saw the relationship between these elements. This is a very important aspect since we almost solved this complex puzzle," Breus said.

Specialists also claim that they will conduct additional research to find more answers and unravel the secret of Alzheimer's disease. Experts also say that this diagnosis can disrupt sleep. By the way, a disturbance or lack of sleep can also be based on other causes (caffeine / cigarettes / alcohol / stress). Doctors recommend to sleep at least 7.5 hours.
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