The most interesting facts about the police patrol service Ukraine

The most interesting facts about the police patrol service Ukraine
No sooner had the officers patrol appeared on the streets of the capital, as the people of Kiev began to extol them - and the shape of a beautiful and cute guys, polite and helpful. Somehow our citizens patrol service is only associated with a new form of police and appeal, but after the reforms of the police has changed a lot. And if citizens are aware about how to work Patrol, they absolutely do not know anything about the requirements for employees and their responsibilities. We decided to tell how the police work, and what they will pay about 8,000 hryvnia per month it's 360 USD.

Firstly, all the staff were honest and rigorous selection - only two thousand young people managed to get into the patrol. Many say that young people chose only in appearance, but this is absolutely not the case. Of course, preference was given to a young and pretty, but only if they have no criminal record, and they have excellent health. In addition to becoming a police officer, you must at least secondary education.

Sociability and well-delivered speech - one of the mandatory requirements for the employee. If he delays the offender, he must immediately politely introduce themselves and indicate the reason for detention. If you currently have every cop should be a badge with personal number. Before you take the oath, all employees have been trained and have learned to provide medical care.

Duties of the police very much, and, by the way, most of them admit that in the first days of work are often confused, and much overlooked. The DCO shall inspect the cars and people, if there was a suspicion that a person wheeling, for example, drugs. In addition, the duties of the employee includes involvement of bystanders and drivers as witnesses a traffic accident. Each officer must stop drivers who violated the rules, as well as patrol officers are required to check the documents of citizens if they cause any suspicion. As you can see, the work of the staff service much more than cops - in fact, they work and for policemen and cops.

If there is an accident or traffic rules, but no one was hurt, the police is obliged to issue a report on administrative violation, and if there are injured, a police officer is a task force. None of the police will no longer rods: the cars will stop, in the coolest Hollywood action movies - on a police car with flashing lights. In the early days of the service we have received complaints from the people of Kiev, that the officers distract their flashing lights, but the management stated that it was a necessary step. The administration believes that the availability of working flashing lights help to reduce the number of offenses.

During daylight hours in patrol cars moved two police officers, but the night shift intrudes on the three men. At night patrol on foot in the city do not go, but in the daytime make this only in pairs. Standing all day at one place the police have no right: they must constantly navigate your site, monitor possible violations, including, and accidents on the roads.

Former police officers, including traffic police, it is planned to lay off before the end of next year. If they want to work in the patrol have to take a test, pass a medical examination, pass regulations regarding the shooting and physical training, to learn the Ukrainian language. As you can see, quite stringent requirements, and to deliver the standards for physical training, you have the power. Perhaps that is why former cops to patrol there were only one.

It should also be noted that over time the whole territory of our country will replace police officers. It will work several departments and patrol police - is a separate "system", which can be called "hybrid" traffic police and PPP. While in Kiev, has about two hundred patrol cars, and the Kiev authorities believe that this is quite enough for such a big city. Among the former employees of the now non-existent services, city authorities decided to keep only traffic controllers. Since this profession is considered to be quite specific and require special training, controllers have decided to leave.
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