Working in state services are now gaining only young people with model looks

Working in state services are now gaining only young people with model looks
On the eve of the new head of the Odessa region, he said that after the opening of the customs terminal, planned for the end of autumn, the passengers will not see those customs to which they are accustomed. Now, the Customs Service will recruit only young people - boys and girls of model appearance. He said that people should see attractive employees, after communicating with whom there are only positive emotions. Now the Ukrainian government has decided to review its approach to the selection of staff of different services.

Saakashvili - not a "pioneer" in this issue. Recently, the Ukrainians were convinced that the police can now only be young and attractive people. This trend is coming to our country from Western countries. For example, in Spain and Italy, you will never meet on the streets of the elderly and well-fed police - in these countries are only slim, smart and attractive men. Interest in staff patrol Kiev appeared after the Internet were placed pictures Luda Miljevic - 27-year-old girl who recently took the oath and began to work in the police.

After the scandal around the pretty brunette users began to view pages and other young people who have become members of the patrol service. Because of the huge number of applicants selected only two thousand boys and girls who are now patrolling the capital. While the media appeared information that the service took the former merchants, accountants and teachers, it should be noted that the leadership of the evil one bit - in fact, it turned out that almost all police - young people who lead a bohemian lifestyle and sports.

After Ludmila Milevich users threw their attention to 32-year-old Alexander, whose photos have been posted in the media - a young man, along with other colleagues he took the oath. Alexander does not look like a cop - to the service guy was fond of tattoos and piercings, traveled around the world and was a frequent guest at the capital's get-togethers. Previously peace officer had long hair, but for the police force, Alexander hair cut short, took the earrings and tattoos hidden under the form. However, not all of the Kiev police are inveterate party-goers - among them a lot of athletes.

For example, a police officer by the name of Diana at the time was engaged in boxing and is a candidate for master of sports. In addition, Diana excellent education and interesting appearance. Another woman police officer Luda from Cherkassy - the embodiment of beauty and femininity. Members have already written on her page in the social network that she could participate in a beauty contest. A few days ago it became known that as head of the police can take Eka Zguladze - another young beauty who is now the deputy Avakov.

Why does the government decided to "rejuvenate" the police, not difficult to guess. Our citizens are tired of eternally disgruntled cops, from nagging at customs because all of this - remnants of the Soviet regime. Certainly, many would agree that much more pleasant to chat with a cute young girl than an elderly man and nervous in the event of any violation. We can assume that the leadership in this way hopes to reduce corruption in government. Most citizens do not want to pay bribes groomed young people who do not look poor and miserable. The new "reform" in the various departments and services in Ukraine can not fail to please the eye. In recent days, residents of Kiev say that they now feel more comfortable on the road, and the young and pretty police in a beautiful form did not cause anxiety, as before, but the desire to say hello and talk.
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