Odessans believe Saakashvili, but experts call it "spin doctor"

Odessans believe Saakashvili, but experts call it "spin doctor"
Saakashvili at his office a little more than a month, and is trusted by the people of Odessa region to the new governor. In his office Georgian politician almost never happens - a few weeks the governor has traveled all over the region, he managed to communicate with hundreds of people, promised them that soon will repair roads, hold reforms in the law enforcement and fight against corruption. Among the citizens of Odessa we have conducted various surveys, which have shown that citizens trust Saakashvili and hope that life will be better in the area. Meanwhile, skeptics are not so naive and dreamy.

Poroshenko recently, during his visit to Odessa, praised the new governor and said that the authorities in other regions need to learn from Saakashvili. However, skeptics believe that it is too early to talk about the achievements of the former Georgian president. Some even called Saakashvili "spin doctor", which promises a lot, but does not always do. Poroshenko said that he did not like the way the media have reacted to the appointment of the president. According to him, the personality of the Georgian policy focus too much, and the person should be left alone so that he could work normally.

Perhaps, after a while media interest Saakashvili weaken, but now all Ukrainians really interesting to see the former president of Georgia - he is known for his straightforward statements and scandalous biography. And if the people in many regions of Ukraine skeptical about Saakashvili's appointment the governor, the Odessans fully supported the choice of Poroshenko. And recent surveys suggest that the opinion of residents about the governor has not changed in a month after taking office, Saakashvili. However Odessans say that still want to quickly see the results of the policy.

Despite many recent articles in the media, where you can observe a lot of public relations, it should be noted that while citizens from the governor waited only ten promises, but the real work in the field yet. People are well aware that all the promises of Saakashvili associated with the area of ​​the biggest problems, but at the same time, citizens are aware that such loud statements run will be very difficult - the economy and infrastructure of Odessa leave much to be desired, and to restore everything, to repair and run, It takes many years. Most people say that they believe Saakashvili, when he begins to realize all its plans.

Popularity among Ukrainians Saakashvili was already a long time - since the policy became an active participant euromaidan. Political analysts believe that a well-conducted "advertising" in the media and the Internet came to fruition: Saakashvili is able to prepare themselves footing, so his appointment has not caused anybody wonder. Saakashvili leverages the media for their own purposes, but political analysts believe that many of the promises of the policy is worthless. There is no denying that with the help of life in Odessa could be better, but citizens need to understand that there are problems in the region that need to be addressed not at the local and at the state level, so a lot of Saakashvili will not work, even if it This badly wants. We must be realistic about the situation that has developed in our country. Even the most experienced and clever politician can not fight corruption alone, or, for example, to fully restore the economy.

However, it should be noted that Saakashvili is very different from the "standard" Ukrainian politicians. It is very unusual and bright man, because of what will never be deprived of the attention of journalists. This Georgian absolutely unique approach to politics and silly to say that he is not going to fulfill his promises. Everybody knows how much he made in due time for Tbilisi, Georgia, and how things have changed over the years, turned into a beautiful and modern state. Despite the fact that the policy was announced in a criminal investigation, and it opened several criminal cases in Georgia, he is remembered and respected, and his past in Ukraine did not frighten ordinary citizens. So to see the real results of Saakashvili in his new position will be no sooner than a few months.
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