For residents of Donbass and the war some people had already begun to earn millions

For residents of Donbass and the war some people had already begun to earn millions
During the war, some people risk their lives or were left homeless, others are trying to make a fortune using the situation. Unfortunately, this process has not bypassed and the Donbass. Many residents began to look for additional ways to enrich and earn a thousand hryvnia is not an honest way, and due to stealing of those who through their conscience can not cross. Of course, there are those residents of Donbass, who are trying to earn money to feed his family, but the money is sorely lacking. A more cunning and unscrupulous fraud involved.

Many enterprising citizens living near the occupied territories. Knowing that immigrants need housing, they raise the cost of renting apartments. The residents of Donbass have to pay a lot of money, but would not be on the street. For example, owners of apartments in Mariupol require up to ten thousand hryvnia per one-bedroom apartment for displaced persons on the outskirts of the city. When a few months ago at the Donbass banks began to close, and people were left without money because all payments received on credit cards, and money can not be removed, there were enterprising citizens, offering cash, as well as the services related to registration of pensions. Items proposed cashing, now dozens of Donbass, and they are all making good money on the poorest segments of the population.

This service is prepared to provide citizens under 10 percent. That is, a person receives, for example, 1000 hryvnia, but gives "assistant" one hundred hryvnia. Now in the ads is often written that the operation is carried out free of charge. However, this is not true: the amount in rubles citizens can cash at the rate of "Bank of the NPT," one to two. In this case, citizens are suffering again - the hryvnia exchange rate to the ruble completely different in Kiev, so the fraudsters get the benefit of approximately 20 percent for each transaction. Suppose a man to shoot a thousand hryvnia, as a result he gets his hands on the two thousand rubles, although the official rate he should get about 2,400 rubles. Fraudsters engaged in such operations, declare that they have hard work. Very often, all the cash taken at checkpoints, so revenue from transactions is sometimes zero.

Good prey and those who "helps" in the design of permits and the carriage to the checkpoint. Drivers of cars and trucks that have the ability to easily cross the border, nice earn on transportation of various goods. Through various checkpoints constantly carry parcels and packages. And to arrange a pass, scammers require citizens not less than two hundred hryvnia. However, people do not pay for itself pass, but only for the paperwork, but the scammers say they are not responsible for that issue permits are sometimes denied. And trade passes continues today because the electronic system of issuing yet fails.

Now, in the Donbas has another service - private carriers that operate in the "share". Owners of vehicles who live in Donbas, negotiate with friends living outside the occupied territory, and thus capable of carrying people. One driver dovozit people to the checkpoint, where they go on foot, and then transplanted into a car that is in cahoots with the first driver. Shakhtar willing to pay much more than public transport, is unbroken. Saving is not here, but the people in this manner cherish your time and do not stand in line at the checkpoint for ten hours.

Life is good for those who managed to establish the delivery of products to the occupied territories. You can find both small and large merchants, receiving up to 300 percent of net income. Of course, with the passage of the checkpoint have to give bribes, but profits still palpable. Most products are running at the Donbass - medication, household chemicals and food products. Incidentally, the illegal sale of drugs, many enterprising citizens earn tens of thousands of hryvnia. They know what medicines became scarce in pharmacies Donbass, so buy them in neighboring regions, and then sold in the Donbas is several times more expensive.
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