Plane crash in Donbas: Russia almost proved guilty

Plane crash in Donbas: Russia almost proved guilty
From the day of the crash Malaysian Boeing was nearly a year, but Russia continues to deny any involvement in the plane crash. However, the report, which will soon be made public, is likely to confirm the involvement of the Russian Federation to the deaths of nearly three hundred different nationalities. Representatives of the Netherlands a few days ago said that the investigation is nearing completion and has already prepared a draft report, which called the true causes of the fall of Boeing. The investigation team included representatives of such countries as Russia, Australia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Malaysia, the Netherlands.

Two months was given only to read the report, however, when the Russian Federation had a draft, the representatives of Russia stated that the report had been prepared with a lot of mistakes and does not answer the most important questions. What is it did not suit the Russians studied the draft? About ten days ago in the Netherlands began to partially refer the causes of the fall of the liner. As you know, the plane crashed near Torez, and within a few hours, information was received about the conversation militants who were associated with the General Staff of the Russian Federation, and stated that the plane was shot down. Representatives of the Netherlands has not yet disclosed the entire report, indicating that they could do so only in October.

All work at the site of the Dutch liner was completed last month. Later, the prosecutor said that the people involved in the crash, are installed. However, the prosecutor added that these people only cause an increased interest in and say that they are directly to blame for the crash, while it is impossible. Vesterbeke added that very soon he will get legal evidence. The prosecutor noted that the Netherlands is called only one most plausible version of what happened: Boeing shot down a missile launched from "Buka".

After receiving the draft, none of the parties, with the exception of Russia, it did not comment. Russian officials, by contrast, were extremely dissatisfied with the investigation and said that the document does not answer, only questions, and investigation of the case has not moved for a few months. Russia has continued for a long time to insist on a different version of events - the alleged Boeing was hit by Ukrainian attack aircraft. It should be noted that the Russian version supported and Dutch experts, but then at the international experts there were some doubts about the veracity of the information provided "Almaz-Antey". The report of the Ministry of Defence has only pictures from space that may contain false information: the Russians simply falsified time and location of the launch.

Foreign experts believe that Boeing was shot down because of "Buka", which was on the occupied territory and transported from one place to another. Experts note that a missile launched near the Snow, and not where it "found" experts "Almaz-Antey". Just recently, international experts were able to keep track of the movement of the trailer, which was carrying on the occupied territory setting. This was done with the help of images, first "Buck" was close to Torez on July 17 and then he was in the snow in the afternoon, and later on July 18, "Buk" found in Lugansk, and it did not have a single rocket.

Fears of the Russian side is clear: in a few days the world will remember those whose lives took a plane crash. Downed Boeing - one of the hottest topics for Russia and 17 July the whole world speak again about the country-aggressor and sanctions. The Kremlin continues unsuccessfully to convince the international community that Russia has no relation to the fall of Boeing. However, the investigation of Western experts show a very different, and Russia no longer looks convincing with their "evidence." Most likely, the final data report will be very sad for Russia. However, according to many experts, Russia will try to find some more versions of the tragedy to pull time.
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