How Litvinenko case affect the reputation and future of Putin

How Litvinenko case affect the reputation and future of Putin
The matter of the murder of Litvinenko caused quite a stir in the world media, which seriously affected the reputation of the Russian president. However, this scandal has not ended, and the BBC television showed a documentary about Putin, who allegedly took over $ 40 billion and is now the richest European. According replyua.net, if earlier the Russian president was associated with Syria, the Crimea and Donbas, now Putin mentioned in the "criminal" Chronicle.

World leaders do not affect the theme of Russia in total, and only talk about Putin separately. It is clear that the reputation of the president strongly stained, however, despite this, Western politicians were more likely to talk about lifting sanctions. It will affect the Litvinenko case and the film Air Force attitude toward Putin? Political analysts believe that the Russian head of escape punishment because the leaders of all the countries are well aware that to stop cooperation with Russia can not under any circumstances, and will have to negotiate with Putin.

Some experts, including supporters of the president of the Russian Federation believed that all the works and films have been fabricated against Putin, to suddenly blow to the reputation of the "great" president. Other political analysts rule out this version and argue that "information" about Putin was not a tactical move of the West, and it's just a coincidence. The Litvinenko case and the controversial film touched Putin, but the Russian president's attitude spoiled only by individual states.

Most likely, the cooperation with Russia will refuse some European countries, particularly the United Kingdom. Even before the Litvinenko case relations in Britain and Russia can not be called perfect, and, most likely, the president of the Russian Federation in the UK will no longer appear. Political analysts do not exclude that the UK authorities have used their political supremacy, and will put pressure on other States that decide to continue to cooperate with Putin. Russian President Crimes go unpunished, but, as usual, ordinary Russians suffer - West may toughen sanctions.

Trust in Putin left virtually no country, but many states with Russian ties and economic cooperation, and these countries will be forced to tolerate Putin further. The economic interests in Russia, and there are a number of European nations, for example, from Germany. Political analysts are skeptical that Angela Merkel decides to suspend all dialogue with the Kremlin.

Anti-Western propaganda on the part of Russia has decreased, and this is only one reason - the worsening economic situation in Russia. Experts believe that the West is a little recovered from the shock, and now turned his attention only to Putin, so other Russian politicians have every chance to negotiate with the West. Putin's negotiator can act and Dmitri Medvedev and Sergei Lavrov, and many other policies. The rhetoric of the West against Russia becomes less negative, and the leaders of the major powers are now inclined to believe that the dialogue with the Russian Federation can conduct, but without Putin.

According to some political analysts, at major summits and meetings have to shake hands with the president anyway, as if not expressed in his address of Western politicians. Of course, Putin may send its representatives abroad, but there are formats of negotiations in which he will participate in person. The ability to travel to the UK Putin they are completely excluded. Most likely, after the scandal broke out in Britain, the road to the country Putin will be closed forever.

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