The consequences of the devaluation of the hryvnia, from which had to give the Ukrainians?

The consequences of the devaluation of the hryvnia, from which had to give the Ukrainians?
Since the beginning of this year, the Ukrainians began to live a new life. Hryvnia depreciated in February, and since then our citizens live in conditions of austerity. Abandon had a lot of things: from the expensive food, driving by car, from the purchase of new clothes and travel abroad, although before the crisis Ukrainians were chosen out of the country is not very often. The crisis has touched virtually all sectors of the population, except for those people who work in companies with a payment fixed in foreign currency.

In the first nine months of this year, inflation in Ukraine has passed for forty percent, and the hryvnia depreciated almost doubled since the end of 2014. Despite the sharp increase in food prices, the Ukrainians are not ready to deny ourselves to the products that are used to buying. Because of this, they have to save on other things, and they are willing to go into debt and not pay the rent, but would not give up certain foods. Groceries citizens continue to buy in those stores where merchandised year ago. To ensure the normal family meals, almost 60 percent of Ukrainians refused to buy clothes, and another 57 percent try to save energy and consume less electricity and gas.

However, the "taste" preferences still changed. Ukrainians continue to buy your favorite products, but choose the cheapest that are of poor quality. For example, the usual natural cheese, many citizens have replaced the cheese product. The same applies to sausages and convenience foods. Every fifth Ukrainian got a special discount cards or buy only those products that are covered by some kind of action. Demand fell only on meat, fish, fruits and vegetables - they have to buy ten percent less than in 2014. The Ukrainians are now walking into stores more often, however, buy less. Employees of statistical centers argue that the frequent trips to the stores can be explained by a variety of discounts, and people constantly go to the supermarket to buy cheap products.

The devaluation affected the tourism industry. This year abroad visited twice less people than last year. Despite the fact that the number of tourists visiting the Ukrainian resorts, this year has increased significantly, experts believe that the total number of citizens, rested this year, twice or even three times less than in 2014. Just Ukrainians who often traveled, choose cheaper destinations, while those who prefer to relax in our country, and all refused to travel.

On Ukrainian roads are fewer traffic jams - motorists abandoned their cars and move on taxis and buses. Many citizens use private transport only in emergencies - for a trip to the country or to carry a lot of things. The situation is most difficult to transport develops in the countryside. The Ukrainians living in the villages, residents earn less, and spending on gasoline have become a burden to them, and in the countryside without a car is not necessary. In addition, you need to refuel, and you must pay for gas, so many villagers go for firewood and for food in the city go on line, buying everything needed for several families.

An interesting fact is that most sharply reacted to the crisis in high-income citizens. They fear that in a few months, the situation will only get worse, because of which lost their life savings. Also, the "average" class is very afraid of losing their jobs. But those who find themselves in poverty, are more optimistic. According to experts, this is due primarily to the fact that people have nothing to lose and they do not survive, although fears of rising unemployment, is also observed among low-income Ukrainians. Meanwhile, international experts have studied the spending habits of Ukrainians said that our citizens are not able to save. For example, the Japanese, who are now also experiencing not the best of times, have learned to save on everything. In order to avoid wasting energy output, they stop heat homes and sent to friends and family, and do it, "one by one". Many Japanese people sit all day at shopping centers. That's a strange way to save.

Many Europeans, especially those living on the dole, never buy products in retail stores. They give up meat, buying soybeans and chicken (these products are cheaper), buy the most inexpensive products only on wholesale bases. To do this, they are going to groups, and every few days send one or two people on the base, to purchase household chemicals, food and more to several families. In Ukraine, these "common" purchase is not popular, but according to experts, this way you can save up to 20-40 percent. The same applies to clothing. Our citizens love to dress smartly, and to show off new clothes in the morning to go to work almost in evening gowns. The Europeans, constrained in the media, buy the cheapest clothes on weight or second-hand. They are not shy to go out in jeans and T-shirts stretched. With such austerity, they manage to save money on expensive cars, and foreign holidays. Ask the experts, of course, a necessary thing, but they do not take into account one factor - in Ukraine people earn several times less than in Europe.
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