The most talented Ukrainians "run" to Europe for further study and work

The most talented Ukrainians "run" to Europe for further study and work
The number of young Ukrainians who want to study abroad, is growing every year. According to statistics, many of those who received education abroad, find a job there and remain. The "brain drain" from Ukraine connected with several factors. The quality of education in our country is rapidly deteriorating, and the diplomas that students receive, in many countries are not valid. In addition, the cost of education in Ukrainian universities has increased significantly over the past few years, and students are much easier to go for a good education in Europe. Now, many countries offer very favorable conditions for foreigners.

A striking example is Poland, where the number of Ukrainian students in a few years has grown at three times. According to those who received education in this country, in many Polish universities to study a lot cheaper than in Ukraine. Diploma obtained at a private university in Poland, allows each student to stay at home and get a job where he can earn several times more than in his native Ukraine. Life in Poland is relatively cheap, if we take into account other European countries. In Poland, affordable housing, as well as products, in addition, it borders with our country and travel costs are very cheap.

Despite the depreciation of the national currency, the number of students who went abroad for diplomas, this year has not decreased, but rather increased. In 2014, foreign universities have been able to do almost 50 thousand Ukrainians, and five years ago there were only 23 thousand. As stated by students of foreign educational institutions, they went abroad only because in our country are working in universities corrupt, lame quality of education and a diploma, produced with such difficulty, can be regarded as an unnecessary piece of paper.

Poland is the most popular destination for Ukrainian applicants. It's not just that it is a neighboring state, and study it inexpensive. The last few years the Poles tend to be educated also abroad, and private Polish universities are experiencing an acute shortage of students. Ukrainians are doing discounts and bonuses - it becomes easy to do in almost any university, tuition is cheap most diligent students, so there is an incentive for Ukrainians. Also, leaders of private universities in Poland rely on advertising and in this way attract students. In Poland is well aware of the situation with the hryvnia, so Ukrainians can always count on a substantial discount, and the money saved to pay for school, it will be enough to rent an apartment for 3-5 months. Recently, many Polish universities have canceled tests and exams, which certainly is a big advantage.

Ukrainian students become more in Germany, France, Hungary and Italy, but Russia is no longer in the display. Firstly, the cost of education has increased considerably, and secondly, the quality of education also raises many questions, and, thirdly, given the difficult situation in the relations between the two countries, the Ukrainians are reluctant to be trained in Russia. If you go to Poland for the "cheap and accessible" form, in Western Europe - for a better education and a diploma, which then allows to get to any Western company. Cost of training in France and Germany is much higher, but, despite the crisis in Ukraine, students are willing to spend to study thousands of euros a year.

The most expensive cost study at German universities - not less than 15 thousand euros per year. In public universities in France and Germany can learn for free, but difficult to do. In Austria and Belgium, you can find universities, which will have to pay around 13 million euros per year, but the state institutions "free" students do not gain. The selection is very hard, and tuition fees are not symbolic - not less than one and a half thousand a year. Lowest fees recorded in the Netherlands - study at the private university will cost 7000 euros per year. In Poland and the Czech Republic above board - not less than ten thousand, but in these countries cheaper to live.

Experts believe that if the situation in the Ukrainian universities in the next few years will not change, our country is waiting for the "brain drain" is already ten years. Ukraine could lose the highly talented professionals who prefer to work abroad. According to statistics, after graduation returned to their homeland only a third of graduates. In the coming years, those who want to settle abroad, will be even greater if the economic situation in Ukraine does not improve.

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