Experts have calculated how much it cost the Russian sanctions

Experts have calculated how much it cost the Russian sanctions
The Bloomberg calculated how much Russia has lost because of the sanctions imposed by Western countries. According to the staff, to name the exact amount is not possible: the difficult economic situation in Russia is not so much influenced by the western limit as the situation on the world oil market. Due to the sharp decline in oil prices, devaluation of the ruble, and Russia lost billions of dollars. However, according to experts, the sanctions took their toll - the Russian economy was on the bottom, and this has contributed not only to the crisis in the global oil market.

Perhaps no sanctions would inflict serious damage if they worked unilaterally, but President Putin has decided to take revenge on the West embargo. This action of the Russian president, many international experts as stupid and ineffective - suffered from the embargo, only Russia and other countries found new markets. Russian manufacturers are not able to quickly find markets, and are not adjusted manufacture products that are in Russia were considered deficient. The growth of prices in the Russian stores affected not only the devaluation of the ruble, but the embargo.

The Russian government has introduced a useless and useful constraints and constant talk of import substitution are just ridiculous - in the government keep talking about that soon on store shelves appear cheap and natural domestic products "in spite of" the West, but the Russians have not yet seen any such goods. On the contrary, the prices of basic food groups are growing every week, despite the optimistic forecasts of the country's leadership.

The effects of lower oil prices and the Western sanctions affected the international reserves of the Central Bank. In March this year the reserves of Russia have reached the minimum level of 350 billion dollars, and the volume decreased by almost $ 150 billion. Because of capital outflow Russia has lost 185 billion. However, towards the middle of this year, international reserves were replenished and reached 374 billion, mainly due to the fact that we managed to pay off the debt.

The Russian business cease to invest foreign investors. In the first nine months of this year, foreign investment in the Russian business dropped by almost six percent. In addition, the business outside of the Russian Federation has also been suspended. Experts believe that the main cause of the fall of Russia's economy lies not even in Western sanctions, and selfish, and vindictive actions of Putin, who decided to isolate the country from all over the world. In the Russian Federation continues to propaganda aimed at brainwashing the Russians and the fact that they believed that the whole world - is the enemy. For all the actions of Putin Russian citizens pay a fall in living standards. Revenues citizens are sharply reduced, and every month in Russia gets hundreds of thousands more who live below the poverty line.

However, the leaders of many European countries have recently spoken out in defense of Russia and said that it is necessary to soften the sanctions. His position they explained that the military conflict ended in Donbas, and at the moment Russia is trying to restore normal relations with Ukraine. However, some politicians strongly oppose this idea and reminded that the restrictions against Russia were introduced not long after the outbreak of hostilities in the east of Ukraine, and after the annexation of the Crimea, and the Minsk agreements they have no relationship. Moreover, many politicians in the West believe that the sanctions should be tightened, and this is due primarily to the military operation in Syria, which Putin began in late September.

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