The scandal with Coca-Cola and the Crimea were called "a little misunderstanding"

The scandal with Coca-Cola and the Crimea were called "a little misunderstanding"
The scandal with the annexation of Crimea to Russia the famous Coca-Cola Company is gaining momentum. In social networks, there are various fotozhaby, users and even make fun of the situation, but many Ukrainians accepted "misunderstanding" as blatant provocation. According replyua.net, some MPs propose to punish the company for "carelessness." The Russian branch of Coca-Cola, however, has apologized, but the Ukrainian patriots easier from this no more.

It should be recalled that the scandal began on the eve of the New Year. The official page of the company VKontakte was posted map of the Russian Federation, and users have found in it the Kuril Islands, the Kaliningrad region and, of course, the Crimea. The Russians have noticed the discrepancy and demanded from the leadership of a new card. The desire was fulfilled on January 5 when the Crimea again "turned" into the Russian Federation. The company apologized and it would seem that this incident is over, but now the defects noticed on the map Ukrainians, and they are outraged that Coca-Cola so easily change the card.

 The Ukrainian representative office of the company immediately responded to the actions of the Russian branch, and also apologized, but now before the Ukrainians called the events "a misunderstanding." The documents were handed over to the company "Ukrainian Truth", which posted an apology to the residents of Ukraine. Also, the report says the company's employees about that Coca-Cola does not support any political movements or parties, and is not the property of any State, and the responsibility of companies included only manufacturer of tasty and high quality drinks.

In the central office of the company previously stated that the agency engaged in mapping, do not coordinate their actions with the leadership of Coca-Cola. All changes made in the Moscow office of the agency, and the changes made without permission. Russian card has been used for large-scale Christmas campaign, and the agency to make changes without consulting with management.

Despite the apology Ukrainian and Russian parties in Ukraine, the growing number of those who need to punish those responsible. Among these people MP Mustafa Nye, who said today the situation with a dual card. According to him, all the Ukrainians have to boycott and refuse to buy drinks company Coca-Cola. On his Facebook page Nye reminded the leadership of Coca-Cola to drink homeland, indicating that it is the United States. This country, like most other states, does not recognize Crimea as part of Russia, so the company made a big mistake by posting an updated map of the Crimea. Nye called the actions of management of the company "humiliation of the whole of Ukraine" and asked the citizens to give up drink, noting that in Ukraine there are domestic manufacturers that produce no less than quality products.

To boycott Mustafa Nye joined Borislav Birch, deputy Andrei Ilienko journalist Yevgeny Buderatsky and many other prominent Ukrainians. A Ilienko even posted on his page on social networks is very relevant picture - a traditional Ukrainian drink Uzvar. MP urged to abandon foreign Chemistry and start taking real and healthy drinks, noting that since only the Ukrainians improve their health.

But journalist Maxim Sherbina urged Ukrainians to go even further and completely abandon the products of PepsiCo, which also publishes a map of the Russian Federation, including in the state annexed the Crimea. Sherbina posted a photo of all products of the company and the amount of food and drinks proved impressive. PepsiCo manufactures not only pop, but milkshakes, cheese, children's drinks, chips, juice and more.

Political scientist Peter Oleshuk also commented on the scandal and said that after the publication of such cards Ukrainians have to give up just because the world-famous companies will only work in favor of the Russians, because Russia knows how to make everyone around to show respect. According Oleshuk, Ukrainians can only be indignant in social networks, and a month later forget about the incident and once again start to buy the products of the hated company. Among the defenders of Ukraine and turned many Russians. For example, Stanislav Yakovlev, a famous writer, said that such actions testify to the company's negligence and lack of professionalism of employees, and we are talking only about the millions of revenue and the successful marketers, not the feelings of people. Yakovlev is almost certain that such "misunderstandings" specially invented and are very clever advertising course that attracts buyers.
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