Forecast for 2016: increase in wages, the dollar and the prices of products

Forecast for 2016: increase in wages, the dollar and the prices of products
The current year did not bring to the lives of Ukrainians positive change. Despite the modest economic growth in the country, the effects of the crisis and the depreciation of the hryvnia will be reminded of myself for a long time. According replyua.net, last year, inflation in Ukraine has reached almost 50 percent. In 2016, growth should amount to 20-30 percent, but the government will not raise wages and pensions Ukrainians. Income of the population "prosyadut" even more, and positive change, according to experts, it is necessary to wait until 2017.

If 2015 was very difficult for almost all the inhabitants of Ukraine in 2017 will be even more difficult. Economic and financial risks, experts rule, but note that in the material welfare of the citizens adversely affect the effects of the events of last year. In the past year, rose in price everything - from public transport to the utility tariffs. By the way, communal Ukrainians gave the most problems. The increase in utility tariffs exceeded 115 per cent, and this year will not bring any good news. Experts believe that as long as the increase in tariffs will not affect only the gas, and in the near future. Electricity in 2016 will rise in price in two steps, it is possible that the rise tariffs for water and heating, but in the second half of the year.

Compared with the rest of the increase in utility tariffs rise in price Ukrainians not scared. And even some of the products for which prices rose almost every day, not scared away buyers. In some food products Ukrainians started to save, but the main products continued to buy in the quantities as before. The cost of food in the last year increased by about 44 percent. Antiliderami increase in the price of steel vegetables, sunflower oil, fruit, eggs, bread, fish, meat and milk. In the first half of this year it is expected rapid growth in prices for seasonal vegetables as well as meat products.

As for manufactured goods, then in 2015 he became the champion of the car market. Cars in Ukraine have risen in price by about 70 percent. The rise in prices is due to the fact that the car never belonged to a group of essential goods also rose in price currency, for which and sold foreign model cars. Fuel in Ukraine has risen in price more than a third, clothing - by 33-35 per cent, 50 per cent more expensive drugs. Pharmaceutical products, like cars, tied to currency.

2016, alas, does not bode well. Experts believe that the government has miscalculated the budget, putting him at 12 percent inflation and the dollar in 24 hryvnia. This year, prices for products and goods will grow by at least twenty percent, at the worst-case scenario - by thirty. Real wages will rise by about ten percent for this year, but the Ukrainians will not notice the gain because it "eats" inflation. Aside a deposit or for old age has not come out - about 90 percent of Ukrainian families of all income will be spent on communal, food and clothing.

Analysts believe that the slight improvement in the life of Ukrainians will be able only to feel closer to spring 2017. This year, the economic situation in the country returned to normal, and only a year salaries will rise to the level of "advanced" inflation. Salary in 2013 (in dollar terms) Ukraine will not return before 2020. Because of positive news and forecasts, it should be noted that after a couple of months, slightly cheaper food produced in the European states. This is due to the cancellation fees. It may also be cheaper electronics and automobiles. As for the fuel, the experts in this sector give different prognosis. Some believe that because of the decline in oil prices will be cheaper petrol, while others believe that the price reduction will not affect Ukraine, and will continue to fuel more expensive.
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