The own most rich and famous mayors of Ukrainian cities?

The own most rich and famous mayors of Ukrainian cities?
Now to learn about the material well-being "high and mighty" every Ukrainian can easily. To do this, he needs to spend only twenty-hryvnia, and it is the Ministry of Justice will issue a certificate on the property to any citizen. To find information, you can use the registry of property rights. Perhaps the information provided in the registry is not entirely accurate, but thanks to certificates so the Ukrainians will be able to get at least partial information about those politicians for whom they voted in the election. We decided to choose to focus on the most prominent candidate for mayor, as well as the acting head of the major cities. It turned out that not all of them are millionaires, and some do not even have their own homes.

Data on Kyiv town governor in the registry is not available, but Vitali Klitschko, a declaration for the past year, and I must say that he is not a poor man. Klitschko owns a large plot of land and the house area of nearly 800 square meters in the Kiev region, as well as a large apartment in the capital. Family Klitschko definitely not poor: Vladimir recorded three huge office space, close to the Golden Gate. These spaces are currently working cafe, pizzeria, shop and beauty salon. Borislav Birch, Klitschko's closest competitor in the election, compared with the current mayor - poor. It recorded only a tiny cottage in Sidorovicha near Kiev. However, Birch presented the declaration over the last year, and it is quite different information. In particular, the policy has several plots of land and two apartments, but small - 40 and 87 square meters.

At the current mayor of Lviv was previously owned only a small apartment in his hometown, but some time ago Andriy Sadovy bought a large house in the mortgage area of almost 900 square meters. How to say some sources, the purchase cost the mayor of Lviv to six million. However, the mayor of Lviv somehow "forgot" to declare a new house, and, according to the declaration, he does not own anything. The closest rival Garden, Ruslan Koshulynskyi is the proud owner of the apartment area of nearly 24O square meters, as well as the home. By the way, earlier Ruslan Koshulynskyi was more modest living space, but he bought the neighboring apartments, made alterations and now lives in the ten spacious rooms.

Candidates for mayor of Dnepropetrovsk - the person more modest. For example, Alexander Vilkul no real estate or cash, as he said earlier in the declaration. The single registry as there is no data on this candidate. My father has a small living space policy in Alushta, as well as in his native Dnepropetrovsk flat area of 123 square meters. But his rival Boris Filatov much richer - for him including two large apartments and a house near Dnepropetrovsk, three large rooms in an office building and parking next to the center.

About Odessa candidates almost nothing is known, which suggests that these policies carefully hide their income and assets. We only know that Gennady Truhanov a small apartment in the old heart of the city, right on Deribasovskaya. In the declaration submitted for the previous year, the incumbent mayor also pointed out a small house near Odessa. Sasha Borovik "very poor" - for him there is no data in the registry, and, as he says himself, is forced to travel on foot, because it does not own a personal car. However, his father is very wealthy citizen who owns a large house near Odessa and four apartments in different cities of Ukraine.

At the current mayor of Kharkov nothing, as evidenced by the data in the register and the declaration for the previous year. Kernes belongs only to a small apartment, and all the rest of the property is recorded on his wife. Wife owns and huge apartment in the city center, and two large apartments in Kharkov, and five office space.
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